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16th Annual Mount Dora Music Festival - February 14-17, 2013

Mount Dora Music Festiavl

Eirinn Abú

Eirinn Abú's A Saxy Valentine's event has been cancelled by the artist.

Eirinn Abú realizes the power and importance of music in a person's life and as a result he wants his music to always speak to a person's soul even more than just creating something that simply sounds good. 

This is why when Eirinn is creating his music, if it does not move him personally as he writes and plays a new piece then he continues to work with the piece immersing himself in the "soul" of the music until he is personally, deeply moved by the music.

Because of this deep commitment to speaking to someone's soul with every piece that he creates and performs, recording sessions are often almost spiritual in nature with a lot of crying, laughing and soul searching by everyone present, from Eirinn to the mixing engineer.

Using the determination of a body builder, the discipline of a serious musician and the professional expertise of Nashville and L.A. based producer, Tony Smith, the deep felt emotions of the vibrating reed of Eirinn Abú's brassy, shapely companion have become an instrumental phenomenon. Eirinn Abú's two new CD releases, "Forever in Love" and "A New Creation" guest features the talents of multi-platinum singer/songwriter legendary Grammy winning icon, Dolly Parton, accompany Eirinn on her number one all time country love song, "I Will Always Love You." He just completed his first Christmas CD, "A Saxy Christmas".

Musician Eirinn Abú's pawn store reunion gave him a second chance with his first love and listening to their latest sax sensation collaboration, there is no doubt Eirinn will be the best sax sensation you’ve ever...heard.

Eirinn volunteers a lot in his community and in other communities supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure , American Cancer Society Relay for Life and for the first time will be performing for the Wiregrass Area Buddy Walk in Dothan, AL. 

Eirinn Abu

Thursday, February 14 at 7:30 p.m.
Mount Dora Community Center
Event Cancelled
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